We are a South Island based canyoning training provider, offering professional courses at all levels.

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Canyoning is our passion.

We are a team of skilled, qualified and experienced canyoning guides and instructors. We are all currently guides at Abel Tasman Canyons. Our combined canyoning adventures have taken us to Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Scotland, Montenegro, South Africa, Canada, Japan, Nepal, Indonesia, Australia and of course New Zealand. Along the way we have gained qualifications from the main canyoning qualification organisations: NZOIA, ICOpro and CIC.

Guiding, instructing, training, playing and exploring keeps us at the top of our game.


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Why are canyoning courses so important?


We are excited to be part of the current New Zealand canyoning scene. The sport is going through a phase of growth and development.


More and more people make their way through canyons in New Zealand and some people even explore canyons where no one has been before. Every summer first descents are done by true adventurers and this will continue for many years to come as there are many more undiscovered treasures out there…


Popular canyons are getting developed with anchors and safety lines to make it safer and more accessible. The first NZ Canyoning guidebook is now available. New Zealand has got great potential for recreational canyoning and this potential is getting explored increasingly…

Inescapable and remote

Canyoning can be dangerous. Escaping out the sides of a canyon is often impossible, making completion of the descent the only possibility. Due to the remoteness and inaccessibility of many canyons, evacuation in case of an injury or emergency is often extremely difficult. Rescues can take several hours to several days.

Rising water levels and hypothermia

Rain can cause the water level to rise incredibly fast; calm crystal-clear pools change into surging masses of white water where swimming is impossible, overhung walls become deadly undercuts. Furthermore, hypothermia is a great risk due to cold water in combination with limited sunshine and low air temperatures.


Unfortunately there have been many tragic accidents with fatalities in canyons all over the world including New Zealand. Our country is blessed which some of the most beautiful canyons in the world, but also with some of the most technical and aquatic.

Don’t avoid, be prepared

These risks do not stop people from going canyoning and they shouldn’t. It would be a waste of these uniquely beautiful places to avoid them because of their hazards. Canyoners must be aware of the dangers in canyons and be prepared for them.

Get trained

The number of people looking for adventure in New Zealand’s canyons is increasing, which is by all means a positive development. However, canyons are potentially dangerous and therefore it is hugely important for anyone venturing into the canyons of Aotearoa to have some form of formal training.


Just knowing a few basic canyoning rules can avoid difficult and dangerous situations. Knowing more enables you to push your limits and explore those hidden gems.

Here is a list of people we can run courses for

Recreational canyoners

Whether you are just starting or you are well under way to be a star, we will be able to help you further.

Canyoning guides

We can add our training to your experience to prepare you for your NZOIA Canyon 1 or Canyon 2 assessment.

Polytechnic outdoor courses

Canyoning in New Zealand offers careers and fun. Our courses create the pathway to get involved.

Outdoor educators

If you are considering to take your groups into more challenging terrain then training is key.

Rescue teams

Combine rescue training with canyon travel techniques to be able to tackle rescues efficiently and effectively.

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